The Hack Track | Cyber Security Course


After successful launch of DCSC, here we are with ‘The Hack Track’

We have successfully certified more than 10000+ students with DCSC course & now we have an amazing Course ‘The Hack Track’ for those who wants to strong their roots in cyber security.

The Hack track

Advantages of Hack Track

Linux Tutorial

Here you learn complete linux tutorial with practical classes & also you will get complete linux commands PDF.

Recorded Classes

Here you get recorded classes so that any time you can revise your classes & sharp your learning.



Here you learn Bug Bounty/ website penetration testing in deep level from basics, here we use Burpsuite professional, Acunetix, Vega scanner etc.

E Books

Here you get premium E-Books for free which will help you to enhance your theory knowledge.  

Server Hacking

In this course you will learn all about practical Server hacking with software & all.

Doubt clearing live session

You will get Live Doubt clearing session where you can directly ask question from the teachers.


  1. Ethical Hacking Course Start From DROP.ORG.IN
  2. Introduction To Ethical Hacking
  3. Fundamentals Of Ethical Hacking
  4. Starting Out In Cyber Sec Offensive Security and Defensive Security
  5. How to Become Cyber Security Expert
  1. What Is a Network Protocol, and How Works
  2. How Works IP Address | Types OF IP Address | Explain Public IP, Private IP, Static IP, and Dynamic IP
  3. Nmap Training | Network Scanning | Website Scanning Live On Website
  4. Network Scanning | Live Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Attack On Network
  1. Web Fundamentals | How do we load websites, DNS,SSL,HTTP, GET, POST, PORT, Responses
  2. Web Fundamentals |What are Cookies | Why Cookies | Using Cookies
  1. Setup Linux | Parrot OS Install Setup
  2. Metasploitable Setup For WAPT Training 
  3. It’s Live Practical Hacking Time | FTP Exploit Live Practical CTF
  1. Know About Bug Bounty 
  2. Know About WAPT | Web Application Performance Testing
  3. Burpsuite Pro Setup 
  4. Mastering Web Security Learn to Hack Ethically with Portswigger’s Web Penetration Testing LAB
  5. TryHackMe | Penetration Testing Learning
  6. Live Bug Bounty | Product Buy Free | Business Logic Vulnerabilities
  7. XSS Attack | Basic Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) on Website
  8. Xss Attack | Live Attack on Website | Advance Xss
  9. Bug Bounty with Image | XSS Attack using Image
  10. Website Scanning | WordPress Scanning | WAPT Training
  11. OWASP Zap Website Scanner Automatic | WAPT Training 
  12. Google Hacking | Google Dork | Google Hack Database
  1. Image Forensics Tutorial Image Metadata
  2. Image Forensics | Image Metadata Editing Anonymously
  1. Linux VPS Setup Free | Run Linux Online
  2. File Extension Spoofing | System Hacking With Image
  3. Windows System Hacking Live Practical by RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
  4. Android Hacking Practices: Live Demonstration with RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
  5. How Windows Defender Bypass | Live Practical
  1. WIFI Hacking | WIFI Jamming
  2. Wi-Fi Hacking Wi-Fi Phishing Attack Live Hacking

Windows Password Recovery Windows Password Bypass

the hack track

Amazing benefits with this course

These are some points which makes this course more beneficial for students.

Learn from the scratch

One of the best thing about this course is it starts from the basic & goes to WAPT.

Topic Playlist

Here you get playlist of every topic which you can play on loop.


In this course, student gets required software for performing the operations.

Support Team

Students gets a support team which helps them to solve any doubts in practical.

Some Feedback

Happy students Says About Our course


I am glad to see many students who are shaping their career with DCSC but now we are here with The Hack Track, it will definitely helps needed students who wants to make their career in the field of cyber security.  

Roshan Burnwal


The Best of Hack Track

Here you can see some important features

Basic from Networking

Don’t worry if you are new in this field, this course covers basics of networking.

Recorded classes

The Hack track provides you recorded classes which you can play again & again for revision an practice.


In this course you will get many software for free which will needed in practical. 

Bug Bounty Training

The peak topic in cyber security is WAPT or Bug Bounty, and this course has a strong phase of Bug bounty.

Asked Question

Have any question. Look here now

Why ‘Hack Track’ is best for beginners?

The Hack Track is specially designed for those students who wants to learn cyber security from scratch. this course covers all the contents from networking to WAPT/Bug bounty in Hindi language.

i don’t know basics, can i do this course?

Yes you can! this course is for beginners where you can learn cyber security from scratch.

Can i get certification?

No! this course is only made for knowledge purpose, if you want certification, you should enroll in DCSC course.

Where can i use this certification?

This certificate can be used in any interview of any IT Company in India.

How can i trust you?

This question is frequently asked question by many student so that you can build your trust towards us by

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  • Visit our YouTube channel ‘DROP Organization’.

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