Terms and Conditions

Here we’ve included the conditions for using our site, which we do our best to keep running smoothly (1.1). That means we have the right to stop people from using our site and services if needed (1.2). You can’t use our intellectual property (1.3), but you can post your own content to Letscollab. You’re responsible for this content (1.4), and equally, we’re not responsible for content you come across from other users (1.5). If you think someone is using something you’ve copyrighted, just let us know

We’re happy for you to access our website and services (known as the services). You’re free to have this access (or limited license) as long as you follow these terms of use and all of our other Terms of Service as they apply to you. We’ll do our best to make sure our services are safe and working as they should, but we can’t guarantee you’ll have access continuously. In fact, we might even stop providing certain features or the services completely, and don’t have to give notice if we do.