Top 10 Ethical Hacking Tools in 2024 : You Should Know

Top 10 wthical hacking tools in 2024


Dive into the exciting world of ethical hacking with our thorough guide to the top 20 tools that will shape cybersecurity in 2024. From penetration testing to network scanning, these cutting-edge tools help ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts identify vulnerabilities, build defenses, and protect digital assets from emerging threats. Stay ahead of the curve with our expert views and suggestions for the latest tools that will transform the ethical hacking environment in 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity expert or a newbie enthusiast, this selected collection will help you master the art of ethical hacking and protect against cyber threats with confidence and expertise.

What are Ethical Hacking Tools?

Ethical hacking tools are software programs or applications designed to help cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers identify vulnerabilities, assess security measures, and test the resilience of computer systems, networks, and applications. Unlike malicious hacking tools, which are used for unauthorized access and exploitation, ethical hacking tools are used for legitimate purposes within the scope of security assessments, penetration testing, and vulnerability management.Ethical hacking tools play a crucial role in helping organizations proactively identify and address security weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors. By leveraging these tools, cybersecurity professionals can strengthen their organization’s security posture, mitigate risks, and protect sensitive data from potential cyber threats.

Top 25 Ethical Hacking Tools of 2024 :

  1. Nmap
  2. Wireshark
  3. Metasploit
  4. Aircrack-ng
  5. Burp Suite
  6. Maltego
  7. John the Ripper
  8. Ophcrack
  9. SQLmap
  10. Immunity Debugger

1. Nmap

  • Gordon Lyon built an open-source application called Nmap (Network Mapper) in 1997, which is mostly used for network discovery and security auditing.
  • Nmap is one of the greatest scanning tools for ethical hacking, and it supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Nmap Features :

Host discovery: identifies active hosts on a network.
Port scanning: identifies open ports and services on remote systems.
Service version detection: Identifies the version of services operating on open ports.
OS detection: Attempts to determine the operating system on distant hosts.
Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE): Supports bespoke scripting for sophisticated tasks.
Flexible target specification: Allows for multiple ways to specify targets.
Output options: Offers a variety of reporting formats.
Integration: Combines smoothly with other security technologies to improve functionality.

Nmap allows you to :

Discover hosts and services on a network
Scan for open ports and vulnerabilities
Identify service versions and operating systems
Execute custom scripts for advanced tasks
Specify targets flexibly
Generate reports in various formats
Integrate with other security tools for enhanced capabilities

Price : Free

Website : Nmap

2. Wireshark

  • Gerald Combs, The founder desired a tool for tracking network problems, so he began developing “Wireshark” (formerly known as Ethereal).
  • This program is useful for examining packets and performing deep inspections on numerous protocols.

Wireshark Features :

Capture network traffic both live and offline.
Support for multiple protocols.
Packet-level inspection
Advanced filtering possibilities.
VoIP Analysis Tools
Decryption of encrypted traffic.
Customizable interface and packet dissection.
Statistical analysis and graphing
Exporting in several formats.
Scripting support for automation
Capabilities for remote capture

Wireshark allows you to :

Capture and analyze network traffic in real time or using saved files.
Investigate network problems by studying packet details.
Track and analyze network performance and consumption.
Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
Decrypt encrypted traffic for analysis.
Customize your analysis and display preferences.
Export the data for additional analysis or reporting.
Scripting allows you to automate tasks.
Conduct remote captures to allow for more flexible monitoring.

Price : Free

Website : Wireshark

3. Metasploit

Metasploit was founded by H. D. Moore and is mostly used for penetration testing.

Metasploit Features :

Exploit Development: Enables the construction and testing of custom exploits.
Vulnerability Identification: Assists in detecting and assessing vulnerabilities in target systems.
Payload Generation: Creates payloads for exploitation, such as remote code execution and shell access.
Post-Exploitation: Allows for privilege escalation, lateral movement, and data exfiltration after exploitation.
Social Engineering: Provides tools for simulating and testing social engineering assaults.
Exploit Modules: Includes a large collection of pre-built exploit modules for a variety of vulnerabilities and targets.
Automation: Enables automated exploitation procedures and task scheduling.
Collaboration: Allows security specialists to work together to build exploits and conduct research.
Reporting: Creates thorough reports outlining findings, exploitation, and repair methods.
Integration: Combines with other security products and frameworks to improve capabilities.

Metasploit allows you to :

Detect and exploit vulnerabilities in target systems.
Create and test custom exploits.
Create payloads for remote code execution and shell access.
Conduct post-exploitation activities such as privilege escalation and data exfiltration.
Simulate and test social engineering attacks.
Use pre-built exploit modules for a variety of vulnerabilities and targets.
Automate exploitation workflows and schedule jobs.
Collaborate with other security professionals on exploit development.
Create thorough reports outlining findings and corrective steps.
Integrate with other security technologies to improve capabilities.

Price :

1. Open-source tool is available for free download.
2. Metasploit Pro is a commercial product, with a 14-day free trial available.

Website : Metasploit

4. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack is a trusted Ethical Hacking tool that is mostly used for insecure wireless networks.

Aircrack-ng Features :

Wi-Fi network monitoring and packet capture.
Packet injection to test network security.
WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK key cracking.
Passive and aggressive attacks against Wi-Fi networks.
Support for a variety of wireless adapters and chipsets.
Customizable and scriptable for advanced use.
Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Integration with other security tools enables complete examinations.

Aircrack-ng allows you to :

Monitor and record Wi-Fi network traffic.
Perform packet injection to test network security.
Crack the WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption keys.
Execute passive and active assaults on Wi-Fi networks.
Use various wireless adapters and chipsets.
Customize and script sophisticated functions.
Use across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Integrate with other security technologies to conduct complete evaluations.

Price : Free

Website : Aircrack-ng

5. Burp Suite

  • Burp Suite, invented by Dafydd Stuttard (Founder of Portswigger), is frequently used to do security testing on online applications.
  • Burp Suite hacking tools have various sophisticated capabilities that support both manual and automated testing for efficiency, as well as being highly configurable for even the most experienced testers.

Burp Suite Features :

Scan web applications for vulnerabilities.
Intercept and alter HTTP/S queries.
Manually test the security of online applications.
Identify typical web vulnerabilities.
Create detailed vulnerability reports.
Manage user sessions and cookies.
Collaborate with the security teams.
Plugins help to extend functionality.
Integrate with existing security tools.
Automate repetitive operations to increase efficiency.

Burp Suite allows you to :

Scan web applications for vulnerabilities.
Intercept and alter HTTP/S requests during testing.
Manually test the security of online applications.
Find and exploit common online vulnerabilities.
Create detailed reports on vulnerabilities discovered.
Manage user sessions and cookies to test authentication.
Collaborate with the security teams.
Plugins help to extend functionality.
Integrate with existing security tools.
Automate testing workflows to improve efficiency.

Price :

1. Community edition – free.
2. Enterprise edition starts at $3999 per year.
3. Professional edition- starts at $399/user/year.

Website : Burp Suite

6. Maltego

Maltego is a robust digital intelligence platform that facilitates data collection, analysis, and visualization, aiding in investigations, identifying links, and detecting potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Maltego Features :

Data collection: Gathers information from various sources
Entity Analysis: Examines the relationships between entities
Visualization: Displays data in configurable visual graphs
OSINT Investigations: Simplifies Open Source Intelligence activities
Threat Identification: Assists in detecting potential cybersecurity threats
Collaboration: Promotes teamwork and the exchange of discoveries
Data Integration: Connects with a variety of sources and APIs to enable complete analysis.

Maltego allows you to :

Collect and evaluate data from several sources
Visualize intricate data linkages
Conduct open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations
Identify possible risks and vulnerabilities
Collaborate with other team members
Integrate with several data sources to do extensive analysis

Free : Free

Website : Maltego

7. John the Ripper

The Unix Operating System invented John the Ripper, which is a prominent password breaking program. Most pen testers and ethical hackers utilize John to ensure security because of its ability to automatically detect password hash types.

John the Ripper Features :

Cracks passwords using a variety of methods
Works across various platforms
Supports custom modules and rules
Uses GPU acceleration for speed
Cracks different password hash formats
Provides performance tuning options
Generates word lists
Assists with password policy audits
Supports forensic password analysis

John the Ripper allows you to :

Crack passwords using various methods
Test the password strength
Check password policies
Retrieve lost or forgotten passwords
Perform forensic investigation on password-protected files
Personalize and improve password breaking strategies

Price : Free

Website : John the Ripper

8. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a user-friendly password recovery program that specializes in cracking Windows passwords. It uses rainbow tables to efficiently recover passwords and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Ophcrack provides both live CD and standalone versions, making it a handy tool for password recovery.

Ophcrack Features :

Password recovery: Recovers Windows passwords using rainbow tables
Compatibility: Works with Windows, Linux, and macOS
User-friendly UI: Provides a simple interface for password recovery procedures
Live CD and stand-alone versions: Provides flexibility in usage possibilities
Supports a variety of password hash techniques, including LM and NTLM

Ophcrack allows you to :

Recover Windows passwords efficiently
Use rainbow tables to crack passwords
Access a user-friendly UI for convenience of usage
Choose between the live CD and standalone versions
Crack several password hashing techniques, including LM and NTLM

Price : Free

Website : Ophcrack

9. SQLmap

SQLmap is an automated penetration testing tool that finds and exploits SQL injection vulnerabilities in online applications and databases. It has innovative ways for retrieving sensitive data and creating extensive reports, making it an essential tool for security professionals performing security assessments.

SQLmap Features :

SQL injection vulnerabilities can be automatically detected and exploited
Advanced approaches for getting over security measures
Support for several database management systems
Detailed reporting on database structure and data
The command-line interface is user-friendly
Essential for security experts that undertake penetration testing

SQLmap allows you to :

Identify and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in online applications and databases
Automate the process of detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities
Retrieve sensitive information from databases, including usernames, passwords, and other data
Perform complete security assessments on web apps to identify potential issues
Create extensive reports on findings, including database structure and data content
Evaluate the efficiency of security measures and procedures in place to prevent SQL injection attacks

Price : Free

Website : SQLmap

10. Immunity Debugger

Immunity Debugger is a sophisticated tool for studying and exploiting software flaws, which aids in reverse engineering and malware detection. It provides both user-mode and kernel-mode debugging, as well as scripting and plugin support, and is commonly used in cybersecurity to conduct vulnerability research and exploit creation.

Immunity Debugger Features :

Advanced debugging capabilities for software vulnerabilities
Debugging is supported in both user and kernel modes
Scripting and plugin support for customisation
Dynamic analytic tools for malware detection
The UI is user-friendly, with adjustable layouts
Comprehensive documentation and community support

Immunity Debugger allows you to :

Analyze and debug software vulnerabilities
Reverse-engineer and disassemble harmful code
Debugging is supported in both user and kernel modes
Scripting and plugins allow for customization
Perform dynamic malware analysis
Use a user-friendly interface to streamline debugging procedures

Price : Free

Website : Immunity Debugger


With the advancement of technology, most industries prefer ethical hacking to secure their operations through the use of Ethical Hacking tools. The tools mentioned here are the top ten ethical hacking tools to look for in 2024.

If you want to become an ethical hacker and pursue a successful career in cybersecurity, check out our Cyber Security Courses.

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