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Successful Completion Of 2 years

Today is a special day for each one of us who are a part of this organization as DROP completes 2 years of its endless and magical journey.Being a part of this organization has always put a smile on face of each and every member. We started with a few but now that we are not just only fulfilled with numbers but also numerous talents and creativity. Every single achievement that we have gained are the result of the combined efforts of every individual.

DROP has always been an inspiration for others. Every dedication and work is an exemplary. DROP believes that one can only be happy if they spread happiness and love among others. It has indulged in various social working projects, spreading smile amongst the poverty-stricken people and hoping a better future for all of them in the midst of this turmoil.

Now, coming to those people without whom DROP wouldn’t have existed.

ROSHAN BURNWAL: A person who is not only the founder of the organization but a great mentor and inspiration for all of us. His guidance and advice has been invaluable to every one of the team since the beginning. It’s his hard work and dedication that led DROP to this position.

ANKUSH GHOSH: A person who has always been a backbone of the organization, without whom DROP won’t have reached this height of success. With a dream,diligent hard work and patience he started his journey and now is the Chief Operating Officer of DROP.

SHREYA DUTTA: A person with great marketing skills and innovative ideas joined DROP as an affiliate marketer. She not only came up with new ideas but gave a shape to it and now is the Chief Marketing Officer of DROP.

SACHIN BARNWAL: Starting his journey as a student of DROP is now a part of this organization. It’s only through his hard work and consistency that made Sachin the Chief Marketing Officer of DROP.

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